Standard Coin for Anime and Manga [SCAM] is decentralized peer-to-peer currency that was designed to be the main payment method in the world of anime and manga.
The fans and creators of anime and manga now have especial currency to be able to pay to each other without high fees, taxes and other problems that bring common payment ways.
Using of SCAM coin has no restrictions by user country, age and other things since it never needs your personal data to be used. Coming soonOur team works on developing global portal that will provide free hosting and access to anime videos and manga books.
Also will be an option of paid subscription to access to newly released movies rented by service.
Creators of anime-videos and manga-books will be able to monetize their accounts.
SCAM coin will the unique payment method at that platform.

Why SCAM coin is better than Visa/Mastercard or Paypal:

How to get started to use SCAM coin:
1. You need choose a wallet. It can be wallet for PC (web or windows application) or wallet for android mobile device
2. You can get SCAM coin in faucets, airdrops, bounties etc
3. You can buy SCAM at cryptocurrency exchangers
4. You can mine SCAM if you have mining hardware (ASIC scrypt)
5. Prepare to launching of portal where you will be able to earn SCAM fot upload/creating anime videos or manga books or for having a blog about anime
It will be fun!
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Current supply 269166 coins
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